The Gender Series

An eight part video series examining gender theory and sexuality.

The core of Addison's Agenda's philosophy can be found in the videos of The Gender Series. Explained here are the cultural and psychological basis of gender as well as the five elements of gender--Biological Sex, Gender Identification, Sexual Orientation, Romantic Orientation and Gender Presentation. Also, see the development of The Gender Mixer in these videos.
The Gender Binary
What is the Gender Binary? Where does it come from? Do we really need it?
The Gender Binary is a cultural construct that has shaped expectations of who we will be for centuries but now it is falling apart. This video briefly examines its origins, effects, and future.
The Gender Mixer
Is the Gender Binary the only way to view gender? No, and here's another way to look at it.
The Gender Binary does not describe current thinking on gender or even everyday life for most people. In this video, I propose a new way of looking at gender, The Gender Mixer.
The Spectrum of Sex
Is Biological Sex the binary we are taught to believe? Are Gender and Sex the same thing?
Episode 3 of The Gender Series, The Spectrum of Sex, takes a look the difference between biological sex and gender and current scientific theories on human development.
Gender Identity
IWhere does your sense of self come from, neurology or psychology?
Episode 4 of The Gender Series, Gender Identity, takes a look at the roots of your sense of gender and from where it may arise.
Sexual Orientation
IYou're Born This Way, or are you? A look at two theories of the origin of Sexual Orientation
Episode 5 of The Gender Series, Sexual Orientation, examines the Born This Way and Learned Sexuality theories of sexual orientation and questions rather or not these matter in regards to civil rights.
More on Sexuality
Sexuality is more complicated than you think.
Episode 6 of The Gender Series, More on Sexuality, delves into Asexuality, Pansexuality, and Demisexuality and finds lessons in all three that shed light on sexuality in general. 
Romantic Orientation
Whom you fall in love with isn't necessarily whom you want to sleep with. 
Episode 7 of The Gender Series, Romantic Orientation, considers the connection between love and sex and finds that the two aren't necessarily connected. 
Gender Presentation
Why do trans people have to look like that?
Episode 8 of The Gender Series, Gender Presentation, explores the ways all people express their gender to the world around them. Also, a look at the completed Gender Mixer.